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All The Hated Remastered

“All The Hated” album was originally released in February of 2012 with a small budget as a pilot project.

This November, the same album will be released featuring the DDRUM & Vic Firth Artist Ruben Limas on the drums, remastered by Eduardo Saez and a brand new song added, considered by the band as their “master-piece”: “Lone Dimension”.

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Lone Dimension is an instrumental song included as Bonus Track in the new album "All The Hated Remastered". Sifting's masterpiece was mastered by Eduardo Saez and Written by Eduardo Gil and Ruben Limas.

Direction: Abelardo Malpica / Raul Martinez
Art Direction: Hortencio Herrera
Photography Direction: Renee Martinez
Photography Assistant: Gerardo Quintero
Production: Sifting / Brodajú Producciones

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